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White Polywood shutters on a large arched living room window

Whats The Best Window Treatment For Arched Windows In Indianapolis?

January 06, 2017

Arched or often called eyebrow windows are rectangular in size with a round top. They are stunning in your home, but their signature long curved top makes it a challenge to get viable window treatments. You wouldn’t want to hide their beautiful look with a typical square window treatment, but they may let in bright sun glare you want to avoid. So what are the best arched window treatments in Indianapolis? Custom-made plantation shutters are the perfect solution. They’ll match your window’s unique shape and supply all the perks you want from premium window treatments.

Louvered Shutters Highlight Your Window’s Shape

Polywood shutters on several small arched windows

Eyebrow and other types of arched windows are so beautiful that concealing yours behind an unflattering window covering would be a pity. While window blinds and shades regularly fit standard rectangles, louvered shutters can fit any window shape and size. This unique ability makes them perfect for arched windows like your eyebrow window. Your custom shutter frame will stick to the exact lines of the window, emphasizing the arch. Then, contingent on the dimensions of your window, the louvers might be positioned in a “sunburst” fanning out from the window’s bottom middle or as a “louvered arch” with horizontal rows of louvers reaching to the top. Both configurations are totally operable and appealing.

You can get plantation shutters made from hardwood or a rigid wood substitute like Polywood® shutters. Wood shutters come in various classic hues to harmonize with your home. Polywood shutters provide long-lasting durability and are white, to match any interior design. They won’t deform in high-humidity kitchens and baths or discolor in sunny windows.

Plantation Shutters Block Outside Drafts And Sunlight

White Polywood shutters on two arched windows by a bathtub

You might leave your arched window open, but most residents prefer and need some sort of window treatment in Indianapolis if that window brings in intense UV rays and sun glare. Plantation shutters block light, heat, and drafts. Exterior conditions can’t penetrate their sturdy construction. The small amount of light that shows between the louvers creates only a slight gleam. Their louvers also keep away most cold and warmth from your window. In actuality, energy-efficient Polywood shutters have innovative weather sealing that prevents up to 30 degrees of thermal transfer.

Plantation Shutters On Lofty Windows Are Still A Breeze To Clean

White Polywood shutters on a large arched window

You’ll often see eyebrow windows above doors or other larger windows. This placement causes them to be high on the wall and possibly difficult to access. This height presents a difficulty when cleaning many window products but not plantation shutters.

To clean an eyebrow window plantation shutter in Indianapolis, merely use an extendable duster to get up to the shutter. It’s easy to glide a duster into the corners and between the louvers to remove every spot of dust. You’ll also notice how the shutter won’t sway or warp like blinds or shades.

Consult With Sunburst About Eyebrow Window Plantation Shutters In Indianapolis

No one knows plantation shutters better than Sunburst Shutters Indianapolis! We will design a shutter for any window size or shape. Simply dial 317-558-9066 or fill out the form on this page to request a free in-home consultation. Our specialist will display sample shutters and help you choose the right one for your eyebrow window or any window in your home.