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What Plantation Shutter Color Should Homeowners In Indianapolis Use?

November 04, 2019

Which Plantation Shutter Color Will Homeowners In Indianapolis Use?

Plantation shutters are seen as one of the more fashionable window coverings that people in Indianapolis buy for their windows. Their universal style complements many different decors and easily prevents sun glare and heat loss from streaming into your rooms. The durability of a plantation shutter is an additional bonus, and will probably outlive your current interior design.

When there’s so many great qualities regarding these window treatments, it’s no question if you should use shutters for your windows. Rather, you should be asking what color of plantation shutters should you choose?

White Plantation Shutters Go With Everything

Blue bedroom with white plantation shutters. 

Just like trim, white is also the most popular color of plantation shutters for most styles. The reason is simple -- white can blend into many different room decor schemes. From wild wall colors to traditional interior design, white shutters will complement them all. And when you modernize your preferences and start anew, you can leave your white plantation shutters in the space, because they’ll still look perfect.

Those who choose white plantation shutters can get them made from faux wood so they won’t discolor after install. Our Polywood® shutters are available in three separate shades of white and are backed by a lifetime warranty that ensures the shutters will never yellow, stain or fade. To clean, you’ll only need to wipe with a damp rag, which is easier than any blinds, drapes or curtains.

Natural Wood Colors Work Well With Some Designs

 Wood shutters in home office.

For some rooms, a plantation shutter with a wood stain looks best. A mahogany or cherry stain is a little constricting for outstanding design changes, but if you can pair your wood flooring or preinstalled trim, then stained shutters might be perfect for you. Real Wood stains can give the space a more natural look, and essential if you’re looking at a colonial or rustic style.

What some people do is to install real hardwood plantation shutters like our Ovation® line. They come in many different stains that can complement most trims and flooring. If you want an eco-friendly look, you could put in a reclaimed wood shutter. These are great if you use a beach house or rustic farmhouse style in your home.

Bold Colors Are Best With Other Types Of Window Treatments

While you might paint your plantation shutters in a accent color, you may want to reconsider. A strong color may work well now, but then you may be saddled with that color for the long haul. White and natural woods have are classics, but will the cherry red or canary yellow window treatment still look en vogue 5, 10 or 15 years from now? You can change your walls without a problem, but it may take another window covering to change the color on your plantation shutter.

If you are looking for color, you may want to install a off-the-shelf accent curtain along with your plantation shutter. By including a splash of color or pattern, you can bring interest to your treatments without losing the practicality of a custom-crafted interior shutter. Then when your style changes, you can retain the plantation shutter and just switch out the curtain -- or ditch it altogether.

Sunburst Can Help You Pick The Best Color Of Plantation Shutter

Whether it’s white Polywood or a elegant wood stain, Sunburst can offer the perfect shutters for your house. Our reps understand Indianapolis and will drive to you to show you a variety of plantation shutter and window treatment samples. Just phone 317-558-9066 and schedule your in-home consultation today.