What Are The Most Popular Window Treatments In Indianapolis?

Bill Burke

You can find a vast array of window treatments today, but a trio stand tall as the most popular window treatments in Indianapolis: plantation shutters, roller shades, and blinds.

If you want impressive window coverings that draw in heaps of admiration, opt for plantation shutters. For the most options for appearance and design, utilize roller shades. And if you would like blinds, look no further than premium faux-wood options.

Polywood shutters in a dining room.

Use Alluring Faux-wood Interior Shutters To Enhance Your Ornamentation

Louvered shutters are popular Indianapolis window treatments as they are special and alluring. Everyone enjoys the striking architectural element of louvered shutters. In contrast to blinds or shades, you will still be able to glimpse your shutters when you part them up. Their hinged panels part to the left and right and highlight your windows. Or you can angle open their louvers for any amount of sunshine and appreciate their crisp lines across your windows. When pulled tight, they offer industry-leading energy efficiency and privacy too.

Faux-wood Polywood® shutters are particularly captivating. They come in several classic hues of white that coordinate with all classic and contemporary home decor color sensibilities. They look ornate enough for a formal dining room but are approachable enough for a kid’s bedroom. Polywood shutters last longer than other window coverings too. They resist everything from humidity, temperature changes, bugs, and the sun’s rays, so they never become discolored or aged. Your friends will enjoy your Polywood shutters for decades!

Roller shades in a bedroom

Roller Shades Offer The Most Freedom

Window shades are also popular window treatments in Indianapolis because there are various styles to select from and ways to modify them. Roller shades grant the most choice. Their uncomplicated, straight lines and many hues and patterns mesh seamlessly with your decor. Neutral-toned roller shades lend themselves to trendy minimalist designs, while brightly-colored shades offer a strong statement.

You can select different materials and thicknesses to adjust outside light and privacy as well. You are free to lighten up a dreary layout with sheer roller shades or grab a few more minutes of sleep in the mornings with blackout roller shades in your bedroom. To get even more possibilities, go with top-down/bottom-up roller shades that is easily opened at the top for sunshine and keep closed at the bottom for privacy.

Polywood blinds in an entryway

Blinds Are Commonly Your Home’s First Window Treatment

Window blinds are widely used thanks to their familiarity. Nearly every renter or homeowner has owned blinds at some point and nearly every time a new residence is made, blinds are the window treatment used. That’s thanks to their low price point. Often blinds hang in a window for years and have wear and tear. Many people now recognize the cons of low-cost blinds. That’s why Polywood faux-wood blinds are the popular window treatments in Indianapolis.

If you opt to promote your current blinds to new blinds, faux-wood blinds are proven to be tough when compared to vinyl or aluminum blinds. They look cleaner and last longer as well. While they might not boast all of the features of Polywood shutters or the countless choices of roller shades, tailor-made Polywood blinds are best when cost is the primary selling point. Blinds offer some customization. They are offered in a wide array of colors. You can choose between wand and cord tilt, or cordless lift varieties. And they come with valances to minimize gaps and provide a clean finished look.

Find The Most Popular Indianapolis Window Treatments For Your House

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