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Cellular shades on bullnose windows

How To Pick Window Treatments For Bullnose Windows In Indianapolis

July 01, 2021

Bullnose windows have rounded borders that offer an elegant, smooth appearance. Because their outlines aren’t at angles like standard styles, you may be wondering what window treatments to use on bullnose windows in Indianapolis. If you want to highlight their rounded edges, install your preferred window covering within the available space. If you value window treatments that provide energy savings, privacy and solid construction over the appearance of those rounded edges, select Polywood® shutters installed on a solid framework around the outside of the window.

Gray cellular shades in a window

Show Off Your Bullnose Windows With Roller Shades

There are a limited number of houses with bullnose windows, so it’s no surprise if you’re looking to keep them visible to provide your Indianapolis property architectural interest. Custom window shades give you the ability to show off your bullnose corners but still cover your glass to ensure privacy and light management. Your window treatment sales rep will get the dimensions of your window openings and get the shades customized to fit precisely with no gaps or overhang. Your new shades will then be attached within your opening.

Every window shade will be a nice complement to your bullnose windows. You just have to select the type you like best for your home. Window shades can be found in your choice of colors, patterns, and degrees of opaqueness to coordinate with your rooms and block outside light. Elegant woven shades filter light and give a unique touch to your room. You can also install trendy cellular shades to ward off chilly drafts and keep your area warmer.

Woman admiring plantation shutters

Save Energy and Elevate Your Bullnose Windows With Interior Shutters

When your focus is more centered around the window treatments on your Indianapolis bullnose windows than the windows’ round corners, talk to your shutters sales reps regarding the possibility of shutters. They understand how to attach shutters along a framework around the outside edges of your window opening. When going this route you will no longer see the rounded curves of your bullnose windows, but plantation shutters are an architectural feature in their own right. Choose between appealing white Polywood® shutters or various colors of hardwood Ovation® shutters to coordinate with your decor.

Indianapolis customers enjoy Polywood shutters for their adaptability and eco-friendly properties. The fact that they don’t use cords means they are simpler to adjust than traditional metal blinds, and they provide a tighter seal to ward off nearly all outside light. You are able to close their panels and angle the slats for the right amount of light or close the slats all the way for near-total darkness. Faux-wood shutters also keep out drafts with their patented weatherstripping. They provide better insulation than other window treatments to make your home more energy efficient.

Versatile faux-wood shutters are perfect for any type of window as well. When your bullnose windows are in a kitchen or bathroom, Polywood shutters will resist moisture damage from the humidity. They won’t discolour in sun-splashed areas or suffer cracking as temperatures fluctuate with the seasons.

Polywood® blinds in an office

Explore the Best Window Treatments For Your Indianapolis Bullnose Windows At Sunburst Shutters Indianapolis

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