Minimalist Window Treatments For A Minimalist Design In Indianapolis

Bill Burke

Minimalist design gives an essential harmony to a space through defined lines, gentle colors, and large, open spaces. The mission is to simplify your connection to unimportant personal items, furniture, and side items until you’ve simplified everything to the essentials. When you only surround yourself with useful, uncomplicated items, you create a calming environment where you can live simply without distraction.

Of course, light plays a huge role in a minimalist design. When you bring in outside light through your windows, you make the room seem larger and get a serenity that’s difficult -- if not impossible -- to have with a lightbulb. Of course, your window coverings will still have to block sun glare and provide privacy when appropriate. Many minimalists in Indianapolis use plantation shutters or sheer cellular shades rather than bulky curtains or drapes.

Plantation Shutters Are Perfect In A Minimalist Design

Polywood shutters in a minimalist bedroom in Indianapolis. 

When looking at minimalist window treatments, look for the clean lines and multi-use practicality of plantation shutters. Aesthetically, they hang snugly within the window opening without rolls of fabric or unwieldy cords strewn about. This creates an ordered aesthetic, where your coverings are lying flush with the walls.

Plantation shutters are known to be easy to use, which checks off the other benchmark of a minimalist ideal. While outside light is a must for minimalists, unchecked sunlight can bring headaches like glare and privacy concerns. With plantation shutters, just lift the louvers when the glare is too much for your eyes until you get the right angle. You can even shut them all the way to block out everything and gain the energy-efficiency benefits.

Reclaimed wood shutters next to brick wall. 

Here are some plantation shutter fashions that can work well in your minimalist decor. For an eco-friendly option, you might consider shutters constructed from reclaimed wood. These have the same level of quality of a regular plantation shutter but they bring in a environmental element to the space. If you need a more energy-efficient treatment, you’ll want to use our Polywood® shutter. These faux-wood shutters are available in different shades of white, clean easily, and are one of the most durable treatments you will find.

Other Window Treatments For Minimalist Decor

While many people choose plantation shutters for their unfussy style and practicality, there are some non-shutter window treatments you can try:

Cellular shades in a streamlined bedroom
  • Sheer cellular shades: Cell shades hang close to the window and come in different colors and patterns. A few minimalist designs call for sheer cellular shades so you can cut off the world while still letting in natural light.

  • Barn door shutters: A barn door slides across an overhead track, fully obscuring the window or door frame. As each treatment is just a large panel, barn door shutters work well within a minimalistic design.

  • Panel tracks: Panel tracks also use an above track and have large panels that overlap as they slide back and forth. These coverings are perfect at hiding a sliding glass door or being used as a easy room divider that can separate off areas when needed.

What Doesn’t Work In Your Minimalist Design

White shutters in Indianapolis dining room. 

There’s a lot of different window coverings that will enhance minimalist design, but then again there are popular treatments that do not. Avoid bulky treatments like drapes, as they will stick out from the minimalistic quality of the rest of the room. Curtains or layered window treatments should also be avoided for the same reason. Oversized treatments will make your decor look unbalanced, with all the focus settling to the window coverings.

Blinds are also a poor decision. There are a few situations where a blind works well with the minimalist lifestyle, but only if they are of the highest quality. The main problem is that they swing and collide against the window, killing your feeling of composure. And any missing slats or ugly cords from a vinyl or plastic blind makes your windows feel sloppy and disheveled.

Sunburst Can Help You Pick Your Window Coverings For Minimalist Design

As you pare down your rooms to the essentials, look to Sunburst to guide you to the optimal window treatments for your minimalist design. We will come to your home and show you our selection of Polywood and reclaimed wood plantation shutters, and other coverings that are perfect for minimalism. Just call 317-558-9066 or fill out the form below.