4 Shutter Myths Dispelled

Bill Burke

We make a priority of talking to residents about shutters in Indianapolis.

And although it may be surprising, when we speak to people in Indy, we hear the same couple of myths about shutters floating around. Let’s take a few minutes to dispel some oft-repeated plantation shutter myths so that you can make the perfect choice for your house when it comes time for new window treatments.

Myth: Shutters Are Easy to DIY

Many home improvement projects can easily be done by yourself in a single day. Installing shutters may not be one of them, though.

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Installing new shutters can be tricky from the get-go, as the measurements of the window dimensions must be very precise to ensure an easy and tight fit, as well as to ensure that your windows can still open and close. Depending on what the shutters are made of, from Polywood® shutters to reclaimed wood shutters, raising large shutters and installing them level can be a rough job. If a single part of the process is done incorrectly, you could end up with uneven shutters or draftiness from weather-stripping that doesn’t fit.

Myth: Shutters Make Homes Look Dark

A few home designers might not prefer shutters, believing shutters will make a space look “too dark” or dim. This myth probably stems from inexperience with shutters.

Think of this: sunlight will always enter through your windows from an angle. Shutters give you the ability to change that angle by tilting their louvers, granting you more effective control over level of light. And bear in mind, shutters can still swing completely open to let in all the light you might need.

Indianapolis family room with french door shutters.

Myth: Shutters Cost a Lot

It’s accurate that shutters aren’t as cheap as your run of the mill blinds from a hardware store. But this myth has to do with how you’re thinking about shutters. If you think about shutters just as a basic decoration that you don’t expect to last more than a few years, then yes, shutters can be fairly expensive. But shutters are a lasting part of your house, and offer several benefits: shutters are energy efficient and can lower your monthly HVAC bills, they can add to your house’s appraisal value, and shutters are able to last a lifetime, unlike blinds–which will have to be replaced often over time.

Myth: Shutters Only Look Good In Older Homes

Perhaps the name “plantation shutters” resulted in the myth that shutters are an “old-timey” treatment, but it certainly isn’t accurate. While shutters were mainstays of older home styles stretching back decades, their crisp, clean geometry and neutral shades makes it so they fit in just as well with more fashionable, modern designs. Plantation shutters are the ultimate in versatile window treatments.

white shutters in Indianapolis living room

Myth: Sunburst Shutters Indianapolis Won’t Offer Design Consultations

Ok, that wasn’t a common myth–just making sure you’re paying attention.

The Sunburst Shutters Indianapolis team is always happy to come out to your home for a complimentary, no-strings-attached window design consultation. Just call 317-558-9066 or use the form below to get started on learning the truth about what shutters can offer you.