Insulating Shutters Protect Indianapolis Homes All Year Long

Bill Burke

Plantation shutters on french door and window in Indianapolis living room

The weather is beginning to change in Indianapolis, which signals that it’s time for those home improvement projects that you’ve been putting off. In addition to cleaning and basic fixes around your house, now’s a great time to think about how the changing weather might have an effect on your home in other ways, and how you can prepare your house for those changes.

Whether you’re winterizing or spring cleaning, the part of your home where the changing weather might have the biggest impact is at your windows. Because they’re the primary ways through which heat and light move through your house, managing that flow with interior plantation shutters is a home improvement project that can benefit you all year long.

How Changing Weather Affects Your Home

If you’re preparing for fall or winter, the most common home improvement projects have one goal in common: reducing the workload of your thermostat. Lower temperatures make almost every part of your home work more, from your heating and air conditioning systems to the plumbing, and you can lower the stress put on them as well as your utility bills in multiple ways.

There are some simple things you can do to help your home stay energy efficient, including installing weatherstripping and swapping out your furnace filters. But unless you address your windows, you’ll be leaving out the number one source of heat transfer in your home.

Common Window Insulators for Cool Weather

Indianapolis plantation shutters in entertainment room 

Around this time every year you’ll see stores around Indianapolis start stocking the same winterizing products in their shops: plastic window wrap, DIY insulation, draft blockers, and so on. While these products are definitely more effective than nothing, they have some downsides. First, they’re not permanent - which means it’s a yearly chore to buy them, put them up, and remove them once the seasons change again.

Since they’re supposed to be taken down after some time, this brings the next drawback: they’re often fragile and are moved out of position easily, making them fairly ineffective. With just tape or something similar holding them in place, it only needs a small bump or a humid day to bring them down. And keep in mind, these temporary treatments typically look tacky or cut-rate, and nobody wants that in their home.

That takes us to the alternative: a window covering which is lasting, stunning, long-lasting, and gives your home the insulation that those other products could only dream about. That window covering is Polywood® plantation shutters.

Polywood Plantation Shutters: Indianapolis’s Best Window Insulator

There isn’t a better way to reduce heat transfer through your windows than with Polywood plantation shutters. Polywood is the ultimate weatherproofing material, blocking up to 30 degrees of temperature and 45% of heat transfer. Additionally, Polywood is 100% moisture-proof, which means it won’t suffer the same way those temporary window insulators will if they encounter humidity.

Indianapolis plantation shutter airflow diagram 

In addition unlike other common winterizing products, plantation shutters carry an elegant, lasting look that you’ll be proud to show off, no matter the season. The shutters also give you total control with easy to adjust louvers, so as the temperature shifts each day, so can your level of insulation.

Get A Truly Energy Efficient Window Treatment, Indianapolis

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