How To Clean Your Indianapolis Plantation Shutters

Bill Burke
A Quick Lesson for Indianapolis Residents on How to Clean Shutters

From the moment your plantation shutters are installed in your Indianapolis house, they look beautiful and dust-free. We believe in durability, and since our Polywood and Ovation Shutters will retain their quality for over 50 years, they can collect smudges and dirt throughout their life. So they remain a focal point in your home, learn some plantation shutters cleaning tips.

Two Techniques To Clean Plantation Shutters

To maintain the beauty of your plantation shutters, consider these two cleaning methods.

A) Dusting Shutters

To help your shutters remain looking their best, they require a soft dusting every three to four weeks. You’ll need a dry microfiber cloth or soft rag for dusting.

Wipe down both sides of each louver. If it’s been awhile since you’ve dusted, you will want to wipe your shutters down with one cloth and then use a second, clean cloth to wipe them down again. Avoid using something that’s abrasive like a scouring pad or vacuum attachment.

B) Deeper Shutter Cleaning

Of course dusting regularly keeps your plantation shutters at their best for years. Yet occasionally they’ll require a bit more to remove any occasional marks or build-up.

Shutters in your kitchen, dining room, or bathroom will likely require more vigilance against buildup. That’s because shutters in these areas come in contact with more liquids, food, personal care products and other substances.

Based on the kind of shutters you have in your home will determine how you detail clean your plantation shutters.

Polywood® Shutters

Cleaning Polywood shutters in Indianapolis is a breeze 

Polywood shutters are the prefered choice for plantation shutters in Indianapolis.They are built using a synthetic material and easily wipe clean. After you’ve dusted the shutter panels, clean any smudges or grime with a slightly damp cloth. Wipe dry with a clean rag.

Stay away from soap, cleaning agents or anything abrasive. A rag that you’ve slightly dampened with water is the best method to remove accidental spills or smudges. Now, the smudges are no more and your Polywood shutters look like new again!

Ovation® Wood Shutters

How To Clean Wood Shutters In Indianapolis, IN 

Getting rid of smudges on an Ovation shutter is very similar to cleaning a Polywood shutter. First, dust it with a dry microfiber cloth or rag. If you find yourself with a smudge that is difficult to wipe away, then get a rag just barely damp with water and gently clean off the shutter. Make sure to dry the shutter thoroughly when you’re finished. Avoid using any soap, cleaning agents or anything abrasive.

For rooms that are more likely to get dirt or dust on the shutters, select plantation shutters that are easier to clean such as Polywood.

Find Out More About Maintaining Your Plantation Shutters

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Our cleaning methods work on all shutters sold by Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions. While they may work on shutters made by other manufacturers, customers of those shutters should contact the manufacturer to obtain any specific cleaning instructions for those types of shutters.