2 Styles Of Patio Door Shutters For Your Indianapolis Home

Bill Burke
Your patio door lets in the view and sunlight. But it also leaves all of your belongings and your family exposed to unwanted attention. Keep nosy neighbors away with a sturdy window treatment that looks stunning. No, we’re not talking about vertical blinds that have been a staple in Indianapolis households. We want you to know about sliding shutters for patio doors!
With a track for smooth sliding, patio door shutter panels cover the entire length of the patio door. They are available in premium Polywood® and Ovation® wood. You pick the frame style, the louver size, the stain, and the paint color. And our specialists custom craft your shutter and fit it to your unique door.

Advantages Of Patio Door Shutters In Indianapolis, IN

Plantation shutters are an attractive window covering for patio doors. Add a modern touch to your home with Polywood, and bring the warmth of wood inside with Ovation. Their louvers accentuate the decor of the room without sacrificing the view outside.
And you can control the amount of light and how much of the view that is brought through your patio door’s glass. All you have to do is adjust the shutter louvers with a tilt rod mounted on either the front of the panels or hidden in the rear. Louvers are adjustable for more privacy and less glare where a TV or computer screen are present in a room. And when you have Polywood shutters installed, slanting the patio door shutter louvers closed results in ultimate savings on your energy bills. This sets plantation shutters apart from available window coverings in the market when it comes to covering patio doors - no matter what the style of patio door shutters is.
One of the key options to contemplate is your preference of bypass or bifold style patio door shutters.

Bypass Style Patio Door Shutters

Bypass wood patio door shutters in Indianapolis living room 
Bypass style shutters are perfect for any patio door. Two sets of louvered shutters move back and forth on a top-mounted track. Slide one set in front of the other, and you are in full view of the outdoors and have access to the patio door itself.

Bifold Style Patio Door Shutters

Bifold style shutters are the best solution when you have a free area in front of the patio doors where you can fold the panels out. Two sets of shutters glide on a dedicated track installed above the shutters. And for more of the view and to open the patio door, just fold out the shutter panels.

Ask The Experts About Patio Door Shutters

Is there a style of shutters for patio door that complements your Indianapolis home best? This is unique to the space available and your particular style choice. For more information about patio door shutter styles in Indianapolis and to schedule a free in-home consultation, call 317-558-9066 or fill out the form below today!
And if you are looking for French door and sidelight shutters, ask us. We’ll walk you through your options.